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Explore Exciting Opportunities: JRC Ispra Vacancies Await You

If you’re someone who is passionate about working in the field of science and research, then the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy may just be the perfect place for you. With a wide range of vacancies available, there are plenty of exciting opportunities waiting for you to explore. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to kickstart your career or a seasoned professional seeking a new challenge, JRC Ispra has something for everyone.

The JRC Ispra Experience

JRC Ispra is one of the seven research centres of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, which is the European Commission’s in-house science service. The centre is located in Ispra, a town in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. With state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant international community, JRC Ispra provides a stimulating and enriching work environment for its employees.

At JRC Ispra, you’ll have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research projects that have a real impact on society. Whether it’s in the fields of climate change, nuclear safety, food security, or digital transformation, the work being done at JRC Ispra is at the forefront of scientific innovation. As a part of the JRC team, you’ll be able to collaborate with top researchers from around the world and contribute to important scientific discoveries.

Available Vacancies

JRC Ispra offers a wide range of vacancies across various scientific disciplines. From research scientists and engineers to project managers and administrative staff, there are opportunities for individuals with diverse skills and expertise. Whether you specialize in environmental science, data analysis, social sciences, or any other field, there’s bound to be a vacancy that suits your qualifications and interests.

Some of the current vacancies at JRC Ispra include positions such as Research Fellow, Scientific Officer, Project Manager, and Administrative Assistant. These positions offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and the opportunity to work in a collaborative and dynamic environment. Additionally, JRC Ispra values diversity and inclusion, and is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive workplace for all employees.

Applying for a Position

If you’re interested in exploring the exciting opportunities that JRC Ispra has to offer, then applying for a position is easy. Simply visit the JRC Ispra website and browse through the available vacancies. Once you’ve found a position that you’re interested in, you can submit your application directly through the website. Be sure to carefully review the job description and requirements, and tailor your application to highlight how your skills and experience align with the specific role.

After submitting your application, the JRC Ispra recruitment team will review your qualifications and experience. If you are selected for an interview, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your passion for science and your enthusiasm for contributing to the important work being done at JRC Ispra. If successful, you’ll have the chance to join a diverse and talented team of professionals who are dedicated to making a positive impact through their research and innovation.


With its state-of-the-art facilities, vibrant international community, and impactful research projects, JRC Ispra offers an exciting and rewarding work experience for individuals passionate about science and research. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, the vacancies at JRC Ispra provide a wide range of opportunities for individuals with diverse skills and expertise. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career and make a meaningful contribution to scientific innovation, then exploring the vacancies at JRC Ispra may just be the perfect opportunity for you.